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Operating in the 21st century with a 20th century phone system? Need some options for future growth of your business? Call Tony the Phone Guy. Click here for Sales Information.

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Installation of your new phone system is quick and easy With Tony the Phone Guy, a third generation phone services professional. Click here for information about system installation.

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Tony the Phone Guy prides himself on the excellent service record he and the generations of phone professionals before him have built up. Click here for phone service information.

San Diego Emergency Phone Repair Service

At Tony the Phone Guy, we know there’s nothing more stressful than an interruption in your phone or telecommunications network. We also know that your phone system represents the front door to your business, so when that door is closed so are your future business opportunities.

If you’re ever in need of an emergency phone repair and need a fast response and solution to that need, call us toll-free with confidence at 866-660-5454. We’re here to support you, anytime and anywhere within San Diego County and surrounding areas. We’re here to support you around the clock for that  phone repair needs.Emergency Phone Repair Service San Diego

Not many telecommunications companies can make that claim because not many telecommunications companies provide the emergency phone repair services that we do. Perhaps that’s because we not only sell equipment but we also install and support everything we sell.

Our technicians are experts in their field who not only understand today’s innovative technologies but even more importantly, understand that lost communication translates into lost profits. We’re emergency phone repair specialists and we know that dependable communications are the key to good business.

At Tony the Phone Guy we’re three generation strong, so we have the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose your problem and fix it. Need emergency phone repair? No Problem and No Hassle! At Tony the Phone Guy, Our goal is to take our clients out of the past and into the future.

If you’re like most businesses, we exist to serve our customers and if your phone lines are down that can damage our customer care. Nothing is more valuable then our customers they are the reason we exist. So remember, when your telecommunications system fails and your business becomes interrupted, the solution to that emergency phone repair is only a simply click or call away.