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Operating in the 21st century with a 20th century phone system? Need some options for future growth of your business? Call Tony the Phone Guy. Click here for Sales Information.

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Installation of your new phone system is quick and easy With Tony the Phone Guy, a third generation phone services professional. Click here for information about system installation.

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Tony the Phone Guy prides himself on the excellent service record he and the generations of phone professionals before him have built up. Click here for phone service information.

Phone Repair, Data Cabling, and Phone Systems, Otay Mesa

If you’ve ever experienced an interruption in your telephone service you know how stressful it can be. Years ago, the company that provided your hardware was also your local or long distance service provider, but today everything is different. The confusion of dealing with different hardware, software and service providers can be overwhelming, especially when your system was
OTAY MESA, PHONE REPAIR, DATA CABLING, AND PHONE SYSTEMSinstalled by someone other than the vendor who sold it. So, when your system crashes, where can you turn?

Look no further. We’re Tony the Phone Guy, and for over two decades we’ve been performing emergency phone repairs for home and business owners throughout Otay Mesa and its surrounding areas.

With one simple call, we’ll evaluate your problem and if required, dispatch one of our factory trained technicians to your home or office. So whether you’re experiencing a problem with a simple phone system or a highly integrated telecommunications network, your phone repair solution is only a call or click away. One call does it all. Don’t become overwhelmed by a temporary interruption in your phone, data or Internet service. We’re here to help anytime, night or day. Why not call us today?

Business Data Cabling

It seems every day, innovative technologies are emerging and changing the way we do business, and while the business opportunities created by new technology is amazing, the complexity of integrating voice, data and internet technology can also be overwhelming.

Ironically, the least expensive part of your telecommunications network may be your cabling. Yet it’s the most frequently overlooked. So, the performance of even the best-engineered systems can be compromised by outdated business data cabling, and the intermittent interruptions caused by it can restrict the performance of even the best-engineered telecommunication networks.

Regrettably, while many business owners have combined voice, fax, data and Internet applications, they’ve failed to integrate each module seamlessly. So their cabling has become antiquated and as aotay Mesa, Phone Repair, Data Cabling, Phone Systems result they’re not getting the most from their system.

Why not call today for a free, no obligation consultation, and discover how new business data cabling from Tony the Phone Guy can improve the performance and reliability of your telecommunications network. After all, we’re only a call or quick click away.

New and Used Phone Systems

To realize the most business from you business, you need a telecommunications system that performs. There’s nothing more frustrating than a communications network that can’t support your growth and when measured against the risks of losing customers, a small investment today might ensure that growth will continue.

The good news, is that even though technology has increased business opportunity, the cost of that technology has remained affordable. So, maximizing your business’ potential with current technology is very cost effective. At Tony the Phone Guy, we understand the importance of reliable communications. We also know there are many vendors to choose from, which is why we’re different.

Otay, Business Phone Repair Services, New and Used Phone SystemsAt Tony the Phone Guy, we sell and install new, refurbished and used equipment, most of which was serviced by us from its original installation. And, unlike other phone companies, who only represent one manufacturer, we represent many, so you’ll have the confidence in knowing that rather than being limited by a single brand, you’ll get all the features you need at a price you can afford. And at Tony the Phone Guy, we don’t subcontract your installation. We install and service everything we sell, so you’re guaranteed your system will operate as flawlessly years from now as it did the day it was installed.

Business Phone Repair Services

No single business tool is more important than your telephone system, because when it’s down, everything’s down. When your system crashes, employees can’t communicate and customers can’t reach you. So the interruption doesn’t only affect today’s business but tomorrow’s business as well.

Adding to the frustration is that unlike yesterday, many or today’s businesses have commingled hardware from multiple manufacturers, software from others, and telephone and data services from yet another. So when a breakdown occurs, how do you determine who’s responsible? otay Mesa, Phone Repair, Data Cabling, Phone SystemsRegrettably, while technology is great, it can also be a nightmare.

At Tony the Phone Guy, we understand the frustration communication interruptions can cause. We also know that a quick business phone repair is what you deserve … so that’s what we deliver. With one simple call, you’ll be connected to one of our customer care representatives and if a technician is required, we’ll dispatch one immediately.

So if you’re experiencing a communications problem, why not call and speak to one of our representatives today? Were Tony the Phone Guy … business phone repair specialists, and we’re here to help anytime, night or day.