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Operating in the 21st century with a 20th century phone system? Need some options for future growth of your business? Call Tony the Phone Guy. Click here for Sales Information.

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Installation of your new phone system is quick and easy With Tony the Phone Guy, a third generation phone services professional. Click here for information about system installation.

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Tony the Phone Guy prides himself on the excellent service record he and the generations of phone professionals before him have built up. Click here for phone service information.

La Jolla, San Diego Emergency Phone Repair and Data Cabling

In today’s complex business world communications means everything, so when your phone, cabling or network is down, so is your business’ potential. At Tony the Phone Guy, we know your telecommunications system is your front door to future opportunity, so when you experience an interruption and your customers can’t reach you, it’s bound to affect your profits as well.

La Jolla, San Diego, Emergency Phone Repair, Data Cabling

For more than a decade, we’ve been meeting the needs of La Jolla home and business owners with the most reliable emergency phone repair services available anywhere. With a simple call or click, you’ll be connected to one of our customer care representatives and if needed, we’ll dispatch a technician immediately. Our technicians are experts in their field who not only understand emerging technologies but even more importantly, understand that lost communications can translate into lost profit. We’re emergency phone repair specialists and we know that dependable communications is the key to good business. That’s why at Tony the Phone Guy, we’re here to support you, anytime and anywhere within La Jolla or any of its surrounding areas.

Business Data Cabling

Communications technology has been expanding at an alarming pace and while today’s innovative communications technologies have increased business opportunity, they’ve also increased in complexity. Yesterday’s business climate only required phone and fax, but today, business owners need not only voice, fax and data integration, but a continuing presence on the web.
In the past, many business owners simply added to their existing phone system without concern for integration. And while each component might work, they might not be working efficiently, so your network may not be performing to its maximum potential. Ironically, the performance of even the best-designed telecommunications system can be compromised by the wrong business data cabling, and the intermittent breakdowns and frustrations they cause can be immeasurable. Having your communications cabling properly installed and concealed is important, not just because it looks good but because it’s more efficient and less susceptible to damage.

At Tony the Phone Guy, we understand that a reliable network is a valuable network. So, why not call us today for a free, no obligation consultation. For less than you might think, we can inspect and if need be, upgrade your data cabling and improve the performance and reliability of your entire telecommunications system.

New and Used Phone Systems

Voice, data, and wireless technology has expanded at an enormous pace. Today, more than ever, your telecommunications system represents your front door to future business, so assuring that it remains open is important. For a growing business to thrive it must have a telecommunications system that supports its business needs not just for today but for tomorrow.

For over a decade, Tony the Phone Guy has been supporting the needs of La Jolla home and business owners by providing the best selection of affordable, new and used phone systems available anywhere. And because new and used phone systems is all we do, most of our used equipment was originally installed by us and is now only being resold, simply because our previous La Jolla, San Diego Emergency Phone Repair and Data Cablingcustomers outgrew them.

Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t limit you to only one manufacturer. We represent all the manufacturers, so you’ll have the confidence in knowing you’ll get all the features you need at a price you can afford and not be limited to a single brand. And while many competitors sell equipment, most subcontract your installation to someone else, so you’re not dealing with one company but two.

At Tony the Phone Guy, we sell, install and service everything ourselves. So whether it’s a new or used phone system, we’ll design, install and support your system for as long as you need us.

Business Phone Repair Services

If you’ve ever experienced an interruption in your phone, fax, data or business network, you know how frustrating finding a reliable repair technician can be. Finding a company that understands today’s innovative and emerging technologies and fields a team of technicians that are trained to service and repair all the major brands can be difficult, especially when you need that service or repair in a hurry. That’s where we come in.

We’re Tony the Phone Guy, and don’t become fooled by our name. For more than two decades

 Emergency,  Phone Repair, Data Cabling

we’ve been repairing and servicing some of La Jolla’s most complex telecommunications platforms with the most reliable and responsive team of technicians available anywhere. Whether you run a small business or run a highly integrated telecommunications platform, if you need business phone or network repair we’re here to help.

So, when those unexpected emergencies arise, please call us with the confidence of knowing that at Tony the Phone Guy, we know how important restoring your communications network can be.