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San Diego Fiber Optic Cabling & Repair

In recent years, the communication industry has seen fiber optics replaces copper wire as a more efficient means of signal transmission for communication. Because copper wire has the ability to span longer distances between phone systems, they provide a backbone for many of today’s network systems. Network systems are not the only systems to utilize this more cost effective, Fiber Optic, Cabling, Repair, San Diegosturdy, and reliable way of wiring for communication. Other systems that utilize fiber optic splicing and installation are: cable television companies, college campuses, business office buildings, electric utility companies and industrial plants.

Although fiber optics are increasing in popularity and the usage in replacing copper wire, they are not all that different than their predecessor. The biggest difference between the two is that fiber optics use pulses of light to transmit information down lines whereas copper wire uses electronic pulses to transmit information.

Why Are Fiber Optics A Better Solution For My Businesses Communication System?

Fiber optics are much more efficient than copper wires. Not too mention more secure. Fiber optics are better at transmitting information and come with a higher degree of fidelity. Fiber optics also offer higher security for transmitting data because they are harder to tap into than copper wire. We’re ready to meet your fiber optic cabling & repair needs.

Fiber optics is glass-based so they can’t be interfered with, being that they don’t conduct electricity. This eliminates the need for grounding while making them immune to experiencing electrical interference. Fiber optics can be installed outside because they won’t fall victim to atmospheric conditions. Not even lightning!FIBER OPTIC CABLING  REPAIR SAN DIEGO

One of the best things about fiber optics is that if they break, they don’t pose a threat of physical injury to the user. There is no risk of being shocked or electrocuted because fiber optics transmits with light, not electricity.

Fiber optics are the wave of the future. Tony the Phone Guy offers Fiber Optic Cabling & Repair services because we can give our customers greater reliability with their communication systems as well as being able to have the opportunity to offer services like digital phone service and Internet connections.

With a vast majority of the business, home, and entertainment industry turning to the advancements of fiber optics, we know that we can help your business move forward in the 21 Century by keeping up with the ever-changing communication needs of today’s world. Tony The Phone Guy can meet your fiber optic cabling & repair needs.