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Operating in the 21st century with a 20th century phone system? Need some options for future growth of your business? Call Tony the Phone Guy. Click here for Sales Information.

Fast & Reliable

Installation of your new phone system is quick and easy With Tony the Phone Guy, a third generation phone services professional. Click here for information about system installation.

Affordable Rates

Tony the Phone Guy prides himself on the excellent service record he and the generations of phone professionals before him have built up. Click here for phone service information.

About Tony the Phone Guy

about tony

Tony the Phone Guy has continued to provide service to his customers since 1986. He is personally committed to a long-term relationship with every customer by taking personal responsibility for any work done. He prides himself on quick service and response time, Tony will evaluate the requirements of the business and provide
a free estimate.
while meeting the customer’s everyday needs as well as any future growth requirements while expanding their business. Furthermore he guarantees all equipment and any workmanship personally, whether it be for the home office, small and large businesses including large corporations.

Three Generations Strong! The three generations of ‘Tony the Phone Guy’ have served the businesses of San Diego by bringing them from the past and taking them into the future.